What is Javascript Obfuscator

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Javascript Obfuscator converts the JavaScript supply code into obfuscated and absolutely unreadable form, stopping it from reading and theft. It's a 100% secure JavaScript minifier and the satisfactory JavaScript compressor.

JavaScript Obfuscation – Why do you want it?

Developing a unmarried hybrid app is faster and can be extra cost-powerful than growing local Android and iOS individually. However, hybrid apps may be extra susceptible to assaults than apps written the use of local languages due to the fact JavaScript is less difficult to opposite engineer and regulate because it isn't compiled right into a extra summary illustration withinside the posted app.

Unprotected JavaScript code will increase the danger of revealing your corporations to IP theft, lack of revenue, or recognition damage. Therefore, it’s now no longer sufficient to layout apps with protection in mind — app carriers should actively guard their apps in opposition to rising threats with a robust layer of protection to protect crucial JS code from attackers.

Without Javascript Obfuscator

Your code may be copied and used with out permission
It makes your code liable to hackers
Your app’s purposeful common sense at the client-aspect and algorithms are exposed.

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